Monday, February 9, 2009

What Not To Do To Make Money Online

*Please note that i have already corrected all the nonsense and spelling error in all the blogs as nonsense is actually not working anymore*

My blog Optical sensor is created and the next thing i need to do is to get it listed and then i will work hard to climb to the top of search engine with the keyword "optical sensors". I tried to follow what Grizzly said, but not sure whether i am doing it right. Nevermind I will just proceed.

Grizzly with his blog How to Make Money Online for Beginners is one of the few sites out of millions... sorry i have to disregard millions of sites simply because I only have 24hours a days and i need at least 4 hours of sleep a day and more during weekends. Anyway, Grizzly's site is genuine. I dig his archive to read the post he made since 2006. It's really inspiring and informative despite the ugliness of the blog. Well, he made a point that ugly site make more money. That is why I made mine looks like actually slightly better as my title has border. His is absolutely plain and yet in the title description he says "dont let the stunning graphics and good look of this blog fool ya".. funny asshole... its stunning in the sense that it ugly and yet he made a decent income out of it... i guess.. I pray hard and hope that i choose to believe and learn from the right guy.

Snap* Snap* back to where we blog about sensor. As i was reading grizzly's blog, i come across the post "do ants scratch their ass". It is actually a method to get listed on google extremely fast. Well..this is what i want. I am going to get my blog get listed just like how he did it. Oh ya.. credit given to Blogger Unleashed as he started the topic.

So... what i learn from them is.. i shouldnt submit URL to Googerl. It will actually slow down the whole process. What i can do is..
  1. Do a search in G.. a bizzare search.
  2. Then post a topic containing that bizzarre string that i submitted.
  3. Then wait for 6-7 minutes after posting. Search again after that.
What I did was i made a post in my opticalsensor blog containing a highlighted phrase "Photoelectric sensor selection guide. I made a search in Google before. So according to Blogger Unleashed, my site will be indexed very very soon. Well.. i waited like an hour... still nothing happen. Not sure what i actually missed out. Frustrated and hit the bed. The next day, it is there when i actually search for the word "potoelectrik sensr". Oh yeah! It is indexed! Even it is not in 6 minutes like he did it. But its ok i guess. But 6 hours compared with 6 minutes... that is a real big gap there. WHY?? if theres anyone who can help me with this, please help me.. :(

I cant let it go. So I started another blog just to try it out. A brand new blog, "Creating Work And Life Balance" and i posted a topic called "does baboon crack its buttock". Before, i actually submmited a phrase "creating work and lies balanve". It was 4 days ago. Until now.. i still havent get it indexed....and to make things worse... i got de-indexed in google for the sensor blog as well (potoelectric sensr search in google). What the hell is wrong?

I even submitted an article to ezine and goarticles for the blog Creating Work and Life Balance. yet i am still going no where. So lost. I will do one more experiment and come up with a post soon.

Good Day!

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