Sunday, February 22, 2009

Make Money Online - Update 3

It has been 18 days since i started my journey to make money online. 4 days since my last post. What is my latest achievement. No. I haven't make any money in these 4 days time. Now, if you have been following Grizzly's blog, Make Money Online For Beginners, you probably noticed that he started a new blog about Make Money With Adsense. Why do I mention it here? Apart from giving him a link for his generosity in sharing his knowledge, I think it is worth mentioning because he managed to get his new site to be listed in G with very high ranking. To make things even more interesting, he selected a competitive niche, and he reached there in just 6 days.

Now, how long has it been since I first started this Make Money Online posting? It has been two weeks, yet I am not even near to first 10 pages of G search result for any Make Money Online keywords. I am targeting keywords like journey to make money online, and I have yet to make it to the top even with such a long keyword. Really what is going wrong? Ok. It has to be down to these few.

  1. Because Grizzly has a lot of supporters who are giving him links.
  2. Grizzly has a top 3 Make Money Online blog.
  3. He is really sharing good advice and knowledge on how to make money online and also make money with adsense.
  4. He is good in keywords.
Well, other than this, I don't really know what else is contributing towards his achievement. But for that few points, I believe it is sufficient to prove why I am far behind for what I am doing, make money online to be precise. Grizzy having supporters and loyal readers is not just by luck. I do strongly believe that he did put in tremendous amout of effort into this make money online blog. So, he actually earned the loyalty and supporters. Unlike me, I have nothing really solid to offer yet. It is then clear, I don't have the privillege to get fast backlinks from supporters like he did. Again, he build it and earn it.

The second thing, his make money online sites, is giving him a great promotion on his new make money with Adsense blog. As a conclusion of these two factors, he couldn't have make it this fast without the previous achievement? So do you call this luck? NO! Of course not! It is easier to make money online with anything if you already have something which is already established. However, the task here is to build the first authority site which will give you that muhc of credits. Now that is not a day or two process nor it is a month or two. Grizzly took 2 years and damn right he deserves what he has achieved now. So for anyone who thinks that he did it just by luck or he has the extra advantage over anyone else, then stop and think again, he actually earn it. Now that is what we all should be doing. Earn it like him and the rest of the journey will be much more convenient.

As for me, what is it that I am going to do now? Ok, to be honest after two weeks, I am still a bit lost. Of course, I do know that what I need to do if I want to make money online, such as submitting articles, creating backlinks, keep on posting and basically that's about it. See, it is so simple. I can describe what i need to do to make money online in a sentence. However, it takes a lot of time and effort to sumit countless articles. Furthermore, it has to be unique articles. Such a tedious work. I repeatedly tell myseld that I need to make money online and through this I keep myself going. Then when we talk about submitting articles, there are simply too many directories. For every articles, I have to have two different writing pattern. All that is just for 1 blog. Imagine if i have 100. What is the amount of work I am going to get. Damn, make money online is tiring. Still, there must be an easier way to achieve that, and it is just a matter of time before I learn how to reduce the workload and increase efficiency. Right now I will just focus on three blogs and I plan to make it to the top of search engine with certain keywords before I proceed to create new sites.

Then, I mentioned about Grizzly's knowledge which actually brought him so many friends and supporters. Now again, I am comparing myself and him. If it is about backlinks and articles sumission, I can definitely do the same. But if it is about sharing knowlegde to make money online, what can I do? Nothing of what I have learnt is not from the internet. Plus, to make it worse, I do not possess any track record on my make money online projects and income. Simply means, I am nobody in the world of "make money online". I make much more money offline compared to online. But, but but... I am putting in so much of the keyword into every post with the hope that all these keywords will help me someday. Not sure when, maybe the time when I really make money online. Well, I guess for keywords wise, I have done enough. I hope so. Up to now, I already mentioned make money online for 23 times ..oh it is 24 inclusive of the one I just mentioned. Would like to know whether the way I am fitting in all the make money online keywords is correct or not. I understand from Griz that up to about 7 keywords in every 100 words are allowed. Based on calculation, I should be safe. But is there any hidden strategies? I see some people who don't use much keyword but still rank high for that. What's up with that.

Since there no one who is going to read this, I will now rip off one of Grizlly posts. Why? Because like many out there, I can't come up with something solid to tell everyone how to make money online and now I am going to take a shortcut, which is ripping off. LOL.. nah.. I am just kidding. I am not going to do that. I am going to make money online the manly way.


  1. Hey Julius,

    Thanks for the props. Have you got many backlinks for "Journey to Make Money Online". Get them and you will rank for that term - not much competition.

  2. Hey Griz..
    Thanks a lot for dropping why. Appreciate it. Thanks for the link as well. I havent got any good ranking in any keywords yet. I will try to reach for the one u suggested.

    Thanks again.. really appreciate it.

  3. You will figure out ways to speed up your progression.. It will definitely take you alot of time writing and reading but once you find ways to do things more easily and white hat techniques that get you more links then the gravy train will start flowing.. I would advise that you spend a month and actually read/implement the strategies that grizzly talks about in his articles... you they will open new doors and give you ideas that will lead to success, feel free to drop by my site as well for a few tips!

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