Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Make Money Online - Update 2

I have been excited over the making money online process for about 2 weeks now. Like anyone of you can guess, I am not doing well....yet. Hence, I have to conclude that, to make money online is indeed extremely hard even with guidelines. It is hard, not because of the work load, or the tremendous effort that we need to put in. But rather, it is because it need patience and lots of patience. Plus, determination of course.

So, since I have the patience and determination, I am definitely going to make money online. This is quite a bold statement for a man who just started the journey to make money online. Hahaha... actually there are not many people who will actually read this. Maybe no one at all. Why? Grizzly said, social traffic wont bring you money. I am not even promoting this journey to make money online site to any friend. Rather, I am working towards making money online through good ranking in search engine. For this site, even though I am targeting the keyword make money online, but I do not teach anyone how to make money. Despite saying that this is my journey, yet I am honestly trying to make site top the list for the search of make money online. That is why you won't see any adsense or anything else until it is actually listed with good ranking in the first page. Not sure on how long it will take, but someday it should reach.

Alright, enough of crap. Let me continue with my progress to make money online. For the past two days, I have been looking for new topics to be written. Good thing is, found a number of high CPC keywords with low competition as well! Isn't that great? The only problem is, I have no idea what to write for certain topic such as.. well I will just share a few with everyone.
  • training interior design (16100 competitor)
  • interior design classes (14000 competitor)
  • project tracking system (25400 competitor)
  • solar traning (23000 competitor)
  • so on and so forth
These are just few example of keywords that can be used to make money online as the CPC range from $5~$7. There are a decent number of average search as well. I am not sure whether I was doing the search correctly or not, and perhaps if you happen to see this, please let me know. Anyway, if I was right about the keywords, then all these keywords can be used to make money online. There are a lot more which pay even higher, and it will need some time to be discovered. I have about 20 topics with the high pay keywords and to think that I am going to write on that freaking many topics to make money online, I actually got a bit worry whether I am able to maintain all of them.

But it has to start somewhere, so I will start writing on another topic tomorrow and will probably spend quite some time to create backlinks and also submitting articles. Man, isn't it tough to make money online? I hope I am able to get it indexed sooner than the previous one. If it takes too long, wonder how long am I going to complete 100 sites? Arrghh... it is so bloody hard to make money online! But.. the journey should be fun and inspiring.

So that's it for now. I know no one will be reading, but...if you happen to be my only reader...a million thanks!

Check out for my new updates to make money online soon.

Make Money Online - Update 1

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