Saturday, February 14, 2009

Why Beginners Fail To Make Money Online

Make Money Online is probably the first thing you search for in the internet when you decided to start your making money online career. So, how long have it been since then? Are you still looking for information? Are you still working on it?

As a beginner myself, I totally understand why so many beginners fail at early stage. Let me guess, you were excited 3 weeks ago, you searched for a piles of information that will help you to make money online. You were strongly determined for the first week, and you start to slow down in the second week. When the third week comes, you no longer want to make money online anymore.

Why? You are simply too tired and it is too tedious. You have put in so much effort and yet for the first 3 weeks, you see no increase of traffic to your site. No one click you ads. You don't make money and yet you struggled so hard. Then you might think this is not meant for everyone. It's not your thing. You get back to what you are best doing..your day job. A 9-5 job. It is not the best job in the world but at least you really make money.

If this is what you are doing, then I strongly suggest that you hold your thought and come back! I need you to make money online together with me. My journey needs all of you! Again, if every beginners give up just like that I will be very lonely continuing my quest to make money online - alone. Seriously, if you are feeling very tired and giving up soon..or you have given up, let me remind you, it is too soon to tell whether you will make money out of it or not.

Let's face it. There are tons of topics to be learnt before you can really make money online. How can you expect to grasp everything in days or weeks? Some people take years before they make a lot of money online. And here you decided to give up after 3 weeks? If you really do, then you really don't deserve to make money online. No one ever says that it going to be so easy. Ok.. who am i kidding. Everyone says it's going to be easy. But think about it. If it is that easy, why is everyone still working their ass off from 9-5 everyday? The fact is, it is not easy and there is a lot to learnt before you can really make money online. Even though it's not easy, but look at the reward if you really make it to the top. I totally lost count of how much money it is invested for internet marketing and advertisement. It is an extremely large amount of money, larger than any amount you can think of really. See, the fact is, you can actually take your share but too bad, you decided to give up. That money is to be given to those who hold on through the hard time. Don't you think it is worth it to hold on even it is 1 year or 2? I am not saying that it has to take that long time, but even if it is that long, it is still worth it.

Remember, only those who really hold on through the tough time can make money at the end. The fact is there are not many who can actually make it through the tough time. Only the winner who really have extremely strong determination to make money online can successfully achieve their goal. Note that I mentioned winner. The opposite will be losers. That will be you if you give up your plan to make money online before you succeed.

What can you do to actually prevent yourself from giving up to make money online? Let me list down a few that actually helped me. the probably found out that I actually started to make money online if you read my previous post about the Ultimate SuperTip. That actually help a little as I got instant payment through paypal. Anyway, the fact that I actually managed to make money online through that program does not mean that I am already successful. I am still far from my original goal. It has to be at least five figures income before I can say that I am successful in making money online. It does mean something, but the achievement is negligible compared to my initial goal. There are so many more channel to be explored and I just hit one of it. Ok.. back to where we were.. what actually help me from not giving up to make money online? Like very beginners, I do felt the depression when I don't see result.

First, you should find someone, someone who share the same goal as yourself, who really wants to make money online. Work together and check out the progress regularly. Of course I can be that someone. LOL. But having someone nearby whom you can see and talk to will be much better. Set up a chart called "my make money online progress" or anything else. At least it wont be so bored. Ahh. let's make money online together everyone. The more the merrier.

Secondly, I do discuss a lot on with the one who shares the same goal with me. Every discussion will bring up topics that actually help to increase my level of understanding and at the same time helps to keep me going. Believe me, you will be needing a lot of stimulation if you really want to make money online starting from scratch. If you can't stimulate yourself, then get someone else to do it. This is what I mean. Discussion and sharing actually keep you going even if you don't realize it.

Apart from this, I believe you have your day time job as well. You can't be putting all your time to make money online. But to keep yourself moving forward and not to let your passion to cool down, allocate at least 2 hours a day for your project to make money online. Read and understand about stuffs that will help or keep on posting and get more traffics or backlinks. Whatever happen, no matter what, you must dedicate that time for your make money online project. This way you will always move forward and new knowledge will keep you going on to make money online.

If this is something you really look into seriously, you should get support from your closest one. Get their support. Be sure to explain to them how lucrative and interesting to make money online. However, there are many people out there who are sceptical. They don't believe that people can actually make money online and be rich because of that. Identify these people and don't ever talk about "make money online" these three words with them. They are not going to help but only demotivate you and make you doubt of your goal to make money online.

I am going to stop here. I will update more on my progress to make money online in couple of days time.

In the mean time, let us all give ourselves a pat on our shoulder for not giving up to make money online.

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