Saturday, February 7, 2009

Please Read This First

The blog title is 'A Journey to Make Money Online'. Yes a journey.. my journey. Please take note that I am just like anyone in the world who dream to be rich online and yet I have the slightest idea on how to make it work or put everything in place. But.. I know it is not impossible even at this level.. and i will definitely make it even though it might take very long time....... and this blog will exist until then.

I hope I explained the blog title clear clear that it will not mislead anyone. I am not going to teach anyone how to make money online because i dont know how. Rather, It's going to be things that i will be doing before i am really making a lot of money online.

So what does this blog gotta offer you? I will report everything I am about to do to make money online starting from scracth. Everything means EVERYTHING. Stupid things, smart things, first thing, last thing and seriously..everything. If it is stupid, you can laugh.. you can be an asshole and just comment on how stupid I am.. or if you are kind and knowledgeable enough, you can correct me and guide me to the right path. Thanks in advance for the nice people i will be meeting.

Why am i doing this? and how it is going to help the readers? Ok.. This world is actually full of average people. Like myself, I would love to think I am some kinda elite, genius or Einstein. But fact is.. I am not. I am just an average joe. Like many out there.... My point is, the same goes to making money online. Many out there are making a huge fortune, while the same time MANY MORE failed to do so. Average Joe. Millions of people are doing the same thing over and over again and got nowhere simply because they are clueless and just trying their luck around. That is also myself i am talking about. But i make an ultimate strong commitment that i have to be successful online.

Me, myself and I being one average Joe, will share what i will be doing to make myself rich online starting from today. I am going to start now with not much idea like many average people out there who dream to be successful online. Learn from my stupid mistakes. Do not repeat any stupid things that i will be doing.

And now.. all the average people reading this (if you think you are), then let us pray.. pray harder so that we will be freaking rich online.

and the journey

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