Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Project To Make Money Online Started With Failure

Some problems faced by beginners to make money online

From my previous posts, you will see that I actually applying a method suggested by Grizzly and Blogger Unleashed to get my few blogs indexed in G as quick as need for speed with turbo and continuous nos. It failed quite badly. I actually spent 4 days to build 3 blogs with certain content and then put in bizarre string of words with only one hope, to get indexed as fast as the two have done it.

My greatest success is the smartsensor.blogspot.com which I manage to get it listed after 6 hours for a nonsense keyword. It's quite a success for me as a noob. I got myself indexed for all the post in less than a day! I was too quick to be happy. Later on I found out that my site is no longer listed in G. It is not indexed anymore. I was wondering, can we actually get de-indexed? Why and how do we get that? Looked around for answer and coudnt get a real answer to that. Even G itself said that most probably it is still in the index. Well...NO its not!

I decided to give it another try using the same method. So, another blog was created which is creatingworklifebalance.blogspot.com. Did the same thing and even do article submission to ezine and goarticle. Too bad, until today I still havent got it indexed as well. Its been 5 days and nothing happen yet. There.. making money online project doesnt look good at this point of time. I am so dissapointed not because I don't make money. It's simply because I were too excited and expected a positive results from what I have done. Nah... I am not giving up just because of the slight disspointment. I am going to give it a new try. You must be thinking why am I still wasting time trying to do the same thing again if it does not work. Well, if it does not work, of course I won't be doing it. But there are people like Grizzly and Vic who had done it many times before. They managed to get their site indexed in 6 and 7 minutes. What I got here is de-index instead. What the hell is going on?? I am so gonna try again and again until I actualy make it or master it. Just before I start to make another post in a new blog, I read a reply by Grizzly regarding the problems I faced.

Part of the reply:
"The quick index trick used to work great until Vic and I publicized it and G suddenly put an end to it. Since then I have been able to pull it off a few times but you have to do it subtly."
Ohh... That's why. Come to think of it.. the post from Grizzly about the ants dated December 15, 2007. It's more than a year ago. I am being extra hardworking, digging into archive and got myself wasted 5 days on this. It hurts, but lesson learnt. I am letting this go now. Not going to do this again.

Still..getting indexed is the first step to make money online. How else am I going to do this? Or should i concentrate on my posting before anything else? As tiring as it may be, i will continue to do more readings before i continue with this post..

*an hour later*

Damn...Am i being sandboxed by G? Just like what people say, if your site is thrown into sandbox, it will or probably will be removed from index. OMG..and it might be in there for 6 months.. i think this is what happen to me.. Should i start a new blog with new account? Or should i just continue with the current blog and pray hard that it wont be 6 months later? If it is really going to be 6 months later, then it simply means, my make money project will only start 6 months later if I don't start a new blog. So should i start a new blog with the same account or should I just create another blog under the same account? I am so lost again.

OMG.. what else I found out during this 1 hour of reading..Submitting to goArticle will be totally pointless if the article is duplicated. Ahh...this is bad. I started posting since before I completely read through everything. I had posted two articles to goArticles. They are similar to the content of my blog. I am going to remove it now. Ok done deleting. Hope this will help to get me index by G soon. Or maybe forgive me for creating nonsense just to get indexed super quick.

So the problem seems to be the level of my noobness. I believe most out there are not doing things like I did. This is so fu^king frustrating. I should stop doing anything at the moment other than continue to post and blog. At the same time, read more. Complement what I have known with something else I have yet to know.

Two days to explore more on knowledge required to make money online. I should take some time off and slow things down a little bit. What's the rush anyway. The only thing that I concern right now whether should I drop all these blogs I created which is suspected to be in sandbox or continue using it while waiting for it to get out of there. But, I were to do nothing about it, will it ever get out of it? According to Grizzly, it's going to be about 6 to 12 months even if i start to build linking. Isnt that a bit long to wait for a noob?

Ok fine. I can wait. I know I just said "whats the rush" but i don't believe there's anyone who does not want to make money as soon as possible. Now the best possible method seems to be available right now is to come up with a new blog with new account. Now.. the thing is... can i use back the same content after deleting the old blogs? Is G going to find out that it's me again because I am using the same Adsense account? So will that new blog with new account go into sandbox automatically?

I somehow start to think that everything is about G if I want to make money online. It's like there's no other option. G is the rules don't care what you say and what you do. If it says you go into sandbox, you will go. Isn't it monopolizing the business. Or it is creating a better place for people to make money online? I am not sure, I know.. now i felt like a slave to G.

Okok.. stop whining. No one ever says that it is going to be easy. I will proceed with my plan, go ahead with two days of reading and get back to do something after that. See you in two days time. Cheers.. oh wait..
G.. let me tell you, don't try to scare me with you f*cking sandbox. I will still make money online no matter what box you throw me into!

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