Sunday, February 8, 2009

First Step To Make Money Online

I made a promise to myself that i must be rich online. Otherwise, i am just a loser. I manage to convince myself that it is not going to be that hard if i put in extra effort and determination... Or even if it is, I will make it through. Its been a week and all i can say is...its harder than i think. Many times harder. I wonder how many people have given up just because they realize its not as easy as they thought it would be. If you are reading this, and you are new, i hope you dont give up and stay with me...else i will be lonely if everyone keep giving up. okok...cut the crap... back to my first step..

My first step to make money online is.. got it..GOOGIRL. Just like anyone in the world would do. If there is anything i need to learn.. i just google it. search for "make money online" and there are 186,000,000 results generated. The First page is probably the key. So i actually look around every site the first page has.

There are just too many information and it is so hard to cross reference. A lot of site are saying something just to get their sites famous. Every information is just at a very vague level. I cant go far with these information. I need to google into detailed information of everything that i just found out. Let me list it down here:
  1. Search Engine result page
  2. PageRank
  3. inbound link, backlinks
  4. adsense/adbrite
  5. clickbank
  6. anchor text
  7. niche content
  8. niche keywords
  9. affiliate
  10. CTR CPC PPC ....and etc..blablabla...
Damn! There are more to be listed, and I felt that i am going where by listing all the things i need to know. Where to actually start? Everything is so fresh and new to me. Some are saying that i need a good content if i were to blog. Blog with passion. Some say content is not really important if you are aiming for click in ads. Many others said more than what I could understand. Damn.. i guess, in the internet, you will have to judge everything on your own at the end of the day. Who is really helping and who is not? who's really guiding you the right way? I am not sure yet.

Getting so lost that I need some time to calm myself down. It must be the over excitement to make money online that made me hunger for all the information which i cant really handle as a NOOB. I actually get very frustrated as I was googling for the listed topic. If this continue, most probably i will quit in just a week or two.

Calm down. Relax.. take it easy.. Its not suppose to be easy right? This is what to be expected. I remind myself of my initial commitment.

Now.. as i calm down and i looked back at the list i made. I realize something. Its all about search engine! hooray!! I made it so simple to myself. I need to start a blog with a good content and make it listed and then climb to the top. it is that easy. If i can do that, i can make money!

I have to say that, i dont really have a real quality skill nor good grammar and structure to come up with a good content. But, i ve seen some sites which is worse.. ok.. maybe its not really taht important. So.. now i am going to start to write something and blogspot will be first choice...for a noob like me.

Ok. I started off by writing a blog on Optical Sensors. Why optical sensors? When i search for make money online, i actually come across Grizzly's How to Make Money Online for Beginners. He posted on a topic called 'How I Find A Money Making Niche'.

Started off by using Adword Keywords Tool to check for a higher CPC with the main keyword 'sensor'. The most decent I can find is Optical Sensor. So there i go.. optical sensor is my choice. It is still full of competition yet there arent many too choose from.

I did put up a few post and some adsense just like Grizzly's placement. Perhaps some might think this is not what i should do first. Maybe i should read more before i do anything. But i think it has to start somewhere. Get real experience.

Since the first post.. i started to check on my adsense account to see if there is any click.. damn.. nothing.. well.. that is exactly what to be expected. Like any other noobs in the world.. i sure pray hard that someone will actually give me a few clicks. Fact of the day - 'Nothing is going to happen'.

Well it is alright. Step by step process it is. I will start with zero and grow someday.
Ahh... i ll continue with next post .. my next step.

Good Day!

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