Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Where To Get Backlinks? | Day 1

Journey To Make Money Online - Building Backlinks

Since this blog is going to be optimized for the keywords make money online, then backlinks play important role as this is a very competitive market. I am going to aim for at least 5 backlinks a day and I am going to list them down. If the process continues for 3 months, I should have about 450 backlinks. We will see where it will lead this blog to. Am I going to be in front page? Or am I not? Not sure about it, but it must be done somehow.

Before I continue with the list, I should express my doubts on a few things which bothers me through my journey to make money online. Yes, it is about backlink. First of all, does submitting rss feed to other directories increase backlinks? If it does, I should have easily get tons of backlinks just by using rss submitting program.

Secondly, it is about article submission. I do know that submitting articles is one of the method to get good ranking. However, if the focus is just on one directory, say GoArticles, will it be alright? Because if thats the case, a lot of backlinks will be generated from the same site. So, is the backlinks useful in this case? Will it be counted as 1 or as many as the articles we submit? Perhaps, submitting articles has different point or purpose in the process of ranking high. I will clairify all these later on. In the mean time, the process to make money online should continue, starting with building backlinks from now on.

Day 1 links:
  1. blogcatalog.com
  2. squidoo.com
  3. hubpages.com
  4. kaboodle.com
  5. forums.digitalpoint.com
  6. v7n.com/forums
Well, it is easy to know where to get the backlinks when you have so many competitors. Search for the keyword you targeted and select the top 3 sites. Then check their backlink either using yahoo site explorer or alexa. Isn't it fun to make money online. But of course it is only fun when it is moving upwards, else...it's gonna drive me nuts.

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