Monday, February 23, 2009

Smooth Journey To Make Money Online? No..

For a beginner like me to make money online, it is definitely a very rough journey I can say. Just as I was getting too bored with all this (I am not giving up, just taking a break), like any other beginners, I looked for shortcuts to make my journey to make money onlline shorter. Started to look for black hat's method of doing things and other alternatives.

Before I continue my post, let me just update on my Ultimate SuperTip progress. It has been two weeks since I first started this program. It was the first program which made me some money for this two weeks of journey. Now, I have submitted two articles and countless post in forums, and the return is $80. Well, not too bad I guess. The thing is most of the forums removed my posts after a short while. Too bad. Anyway, the fact is, I do make some money online and it is not from adsense or search engine traffic. If I can have 10 of these programs, I could have made $800 in two weeks time. LOL... I thought of it for a while and that was when I decided to look for other alternatives to continue my journey to make money online. Who says it has to be adsense? I can venture into adults oriented program which I believed is much more easier and convenient. No.. not really.

It took me three good hours to realize that I need to stick to what I have been doing. In fact there are so many things that one can actually do to make money online. Each time I read about a new idea on how to make my online journey to make money, I got so pissed. A lot lead you to no where. Many claim that it is easy and fast, but the actual fact is, it's fast, but not solid. I don't even bother to explain what I actually learn from this few good hours of reading. All I can say is, I learnt that what I am doing now is the best and I should stick with it. Yes, lots of work, but nothing last longer than this.

Stop looking around and put all my focus on my current journey to make money online. Let me remind myself and all the beginners who choose to blogs all the way to make real big money online with adsense about 2 things. Things to be accomplished before anyone can make money online.
  1. Remember! It is search engine traffic that we are looking for.
  2. Backlinks are important. Build at least 2 a day.
  3. Articles submission
  4. Remember, everything we do is to get search engine traffic.
I am currently using digiXMAS Submitter to submit articles and I am not sure how much this will help as it sends similar article to every directories. Anyway, this is the first tools which actually ease my tedious job of submitting articles. Finally, manage to get some free program to make my journey to make money online easier, at least a little.

Apart from this, I also use RSS submit. It is great, but again, not really sure on how will it impact my online journey to make money. Well, I think it should do some good in a long run.

Alright, I am feeling guilty right now. I must confess that this post is actually just for the sake of posting and I have nothing much to share about how to make money online or even my journey. My journey to make money online seems to be just slow. But I definitely wish I could share something with everyone but what I have been doing to support my journey is basically submitting articles and creating backlinks. Yes, that is not new. But that is the only thing I do. Damn.. Making money online is hard.. To share how and what we do to make money online is even harder.

Again if there is anyone who read this post, I hope you don't get mad with me as I am just a beginner who is trying to make a living online. Or maybe just some extra income online. The journey continues and hope to be able to share things which is much more meaning ful than this. Now before I sign off, I am going to fit in the sentence "journey to make money online" one last time - done.

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