Friday, February 13, 2009

My First Time Making Money Online

Have been reading Grizzly's lengthy post for these two days. Man...I have to admit he can really write very long. Very very long post. But of course it is informative as well.

While I was reading through his post, I saw this Ultimate SuperTip program. Read it through, click it, and just like I's just another Make Money Online scheme. I hold my thought and continue reading because i believe in Grizzly...if its not because of him.. i wont even consider signing up the program. Am i going to make money online or am i going to keep losing this kind of money into schemes and programs? Anyway... I AM GLAD i actually signed up just like Grizzly suggested. It is that program which made my first $10 during these two days. My first income online! Never thought it will work just like that.

Here's what i did.
  1. Read grizzly post on Ultimate supertips.
  2. Follow the link.
  3. Read till the end.
  4. Read the free short ebook.
  5. Sign Up
  6. Get a link
  7. Post it in forum with some feedback
  8. and ta dang!! Made my first $20. I am making money online!!
Never thought its that easy. Even though its not much. But its a good starting point for me. When i think over again, hey.. i did not put in much effort as well on this one. It is definitely something a beginner should have simply because it is so freaking easy. Should i put in more effort and leave all my other blogs aside for a while? It is so tempting.. but i decided not to give up my blogs (I mean other blogs... not this 1).

Anyway, dont you think that this method to make money online is kinda lucrative? Comparing to the blog that I setup, this program is much more easier. Setting up a blog that could make money need so much attention and knowledge. It takes time as well. I have spend so much time on my blog and yet i havent get a real income. Adsense seems to have no effect as i only have very little traffic. The income generated from adsense in negligible at this moment even though it has been so long. Not that long actually... i know its not suppose to be this quick to make money through adsense. SEO, Keywords, CPC and many other things to be considered. As for the Ultimate SuperTip, I only post up in a forum with a link and some feedback! I am so excited! LOL... cant help it. But i wont give up my blog just because of this. This method should help me to make some fast cash, but blog with adsense is also one of my long term priority. Should have a balance between both of these. I am going to focus on both!

Alright, now that i have found another portfolio to be included to my project to make money online, I am going to put in extra effort to make it successful. Haha...making money online is not that hard afterall.

Signing off... gotta write new post for my sensors blog and planning to submit article about this Supertip to goarticles. Hope to get a better return there. Adios! See you tomorrow.

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